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October Photo Wrap Up

Today is day number 364 out of 365 days! One more day and then this project is technically over. Yet, this year was a leap year, so that means….366 days! I can either end tomorrow and call it a wrap or I can celebrate the leap year and complete the whole. Guess which one I’m doing? Yep, 366 days.

Taking a year to cull through my digital photos gave me a unique opportunity to review and remind me of the photos I have. Many photos elicited a smile while others upset me. Some photos tell a universal story while others are personal. Some photos are actually pretty decent by adhering to photographic/artistic standards, while others are a mess. I chose photos based on what I want to include in a coffee table book, so there are many photos I included that have meaning to me and many photos I excluded because I didn’t want to be reminded of the event.

I started out excited and maintained that for the most part, but then August came along and I just wanted it over. Life became stressful for me in August, and I had to let go of some activities in order to alleviate the stress. I moved this project over to Flickr and modified the process in order to help me complete the goal. I’m sad that it’s almost over. Two more days.

Here’s October’s photos:


September Photo Wrap Up

Since joining the tech crew for The Rocky Horror Show, my time has been extremely limited so I haven’t posted like I wanted. I’m way behind on everything! I’m starting to catch up. The kitchen has been cleaned and laundry is being done even as I write this (oh, fresh, clean clothes, how I have missed you).

Here’s September’s photo wrap up. Today is day 334/365 (or 366, since this is a leap year). I can’t believe I only have a month left on this project. Woohoo!

The Ending of One Phase and the Beginning of the Next

It’s halfway through September and I’ve not fully returned to blogging. I took August off in order to regroup and to refocus since I felt like my posts were irrelevant, and I was falling into a comfortable but uninspiring rut that consisted of my past but not my present. As much as I like the 365 Days Journey Through the Past project, I equally don’t like it because it takes up time I would rather spend doing something else with my blog.

That being said, I am still continuing the project, but I’ve taken it over to Flickr. That works for me and frees me up here to pursue other creative endeavors. I will continue to post a monthly photo wrap up, though.

List of what I love but have neglected:

    Words: creative writing, fiction, creative non-fiction and a bit of dabbling in poetry until it embarrasses me and I set it aside.
    Art: book art, collage, acrylics, art journals
    Photography: Yes, I have neglected photography. Most of what I post is from my past, not my present. One of my purposes with taking August off was to figure out what kind of photography excites me. I wrestled all month with it, teasing out the joy from the prosaic until I discovered my photographic raison d’etre. I love photo journalism. I love documenting something, ANYTHING.
    Travel: I’m more at home away from home. Always have been.
    Storytelling: Storytelling in all its forms. Fiction. Non-fiction. Photography. Art. I truly believe we are a storied people, that we live stories and live in stories, and that we yearn for them.

I’m setting into motion a couple of new projects. (I love projects!!! They give me direction and boundaries, and they end so that I can begin the next project!) These projects incorporate all of the above. They’re difficult to describe but includes all the creative things I love to do.

I wanted to include a photo for this post. I chose this one because it represents all that I love: words (graffiti), art, photography, travel—it’s on a platform next to the train tracks, symbolic of travel—and it tells a story, if not in words, in sentiment.

Aesthetic Graffiti

The original photo can be seen on Flickr. By Dezra Despain © All Rights Reserved

August Photo Wrap Up

Even though I took a hiatus from my blog, I did maintain the 365 Days Journey Through the Past on Flickr.

August is a very active month in Indianapolis for me. It’s Indiana State Fair time and although I don’t usually go, this year I went to take photos just for fun.

August is my birthday month…visiting my high school best friend, Laura, in Utah was a birthday present I gave myself one year.

Also, the largest gaming convention in the world, Gen Con, comes to town in August, so there are a number of costume photos. Most of the costume photos here are from 2005. I meet Laura for lunch every year at Gen Con so this year when I went, I took a lot of photos of people in costumes.

Other than those major events, the rest of the photos are pretty standard.

274-275 This is Where I Take The Rest of the Month Off

Sometimes a hiatus is what is needed. Sometimes daily habits become numbing and a shake-up of routine is necessary. That’s where I am right now, so I’m taking the month off from blog posting.

Since I prepped photos through tomorrow, though, I’m sharing them, mainly because I wanted to celebrate a friendship that has lasted for decades. Those kinds of friendships are few and far between.


274/365 In 2009, I returned to my home State, Utah, to visit my best friend from high school. We drove to Alta Ski Resort in the Wasatch Mountains. During the summer months, instead of being covered in snow, the mountains are covered in wildflowers (and Aspens and evergreens and all kinds of beautiful flora. See my Flickr set for more mountain photos.). I love how wildflowers undulate over the ground to create mounds of colorful bouquets.


275/365 Laura and I met in 9th grade. We have been friends ever since. Even though we live far apart, when we get together, it’s as if we haven’t been separated. It’s nice to know some people are forever.

July Photo Wrap Up

Although Indiana experienced an unprecedented drought during the month of July, my photo pool was full to brimming with many days being represented by more than one year. In the past, the summer months and good weather encouraged me to go out and take photos. Not this year, though. It has been so hot, I rarely ventured out into the scorching heat. Must amend that.

Here’s July’s photo wrap up.

371/365 Locked Out

Rusted locked gate to cemetery


Few photos advance with me through the years. I take new ones that replace older ones that have lost their mystery over time. But this photo still intrigues me seven years later.

A rusted lock, a corroded gate, and a cemetery. Still a mystery.

264 – 268 More Future Photos of the Past

Last week I pre-posted the photos for 365 Days Journey Through the Past. I discovered it gave me time to do some blog housekeeping. One project I wanted to accomplish was to write an About Me page. I worked hard on it all week, thinking about the angle I wanted to approach it with, how much to say, what not to say, what would be of interest, and what was just hubris. I’m still working on it but thought I’d share what I have so far:


It’s screaming potential and has the makings of a movie. I just know it!

Now on to this week’s future posts.

Pilsner with Beer

264/365 Monday; at MacNiven’s on Mass Ave.

Chicken Legs!

265/365 Tuesday; Worldwide Photo Walk 2010. Two years later and this is still my favorite capture of the day.

I enjoyed being part of the Worldwide Photo Walk 2009 so much I participated in the 2010 one. We met at the County Fair. It was a hot, hot, hothothothot day. I especially enjoyed the semi-cooled animal barns. I met a turkey who took a liking to me after I got a photo of him. He flashed his tail feathers at me. I oohed. I turned to leave. He gobbled at me. I turned back. He strutted his stuff. I turned to leave. He gobbled vehemently. I turned back. He flashed even more. My friend was laughing. I was being courted by a turkey!!! But what a turkey! Magnificent! Alas, it was not to be. I hope I didn’t break his heart. I should post his photo. You would all be jealous. (I added the above links, if you want to see him.)

Colorful Plates on a Wall

266/365 Wednesday; San Antonio, Texas

Zooming in on a Wreath hanging on a Door

267/365 Thursday; I was playing with zoom possibilities

Abstract of grasses against sky

268/365 Friday; a Wanderlust drive out into the middle of nowhere.

I took off on a Wanderlust evening, needing to get away but not having the time to go anywhere exciting. Instead, I went south into farm country since I don’t normally go that direction. As I reviewed my photos of that evening, I remembered how ethereal it was. I spent time on a bend in the road taking surreal and abstract photos.

256 — 261 I Made the Rules; I Break The Rules

Once upon a time ago at the university my friend and I were discussing class while leaving the building. He pushed through a set of doors that had an official sign reading Please Use Other Door.

I gasped.

“You’re not supposed to use those doors!” I said while pushing through the sanctioned set of doors.

“Why not? They work.”

After the initial shock of watching him disobey a sign, I thought, He’s right. Why not?

So the next day I did the most rebellious thing I had ever done in my life. (Ok, that’s an exaggeration, but it felt like it.) I went back to the building and willfully WALKED THROUGH THOSE DOORS.

It felt good.

I tell this story because I’ve set up rules regarding my posts for 365 Days Journey Through the Past. The main one being: Post A Photo A Day. It’s like a sign that got posted in my head that I must obey but has no real meaning.

I’m here today to break that rule. I am posting next weeks photos TODAY.

It feels good.

So here is what I photographed in the past all next week. (How’s that for time warp?)

Close up of a pink rose

256/365 Sunday (today) Altar Flowers

Man dancing, silhouetted against sunset

257/365 Monday. On one of my wanderlust excursions, I ended up in Tennessee visiting a dear friend. We went to a park where live country and jazz music played loudly and people milled about. A lake glimmered behind me and old woods beckoned across the graveled lot. I caught this man walking his dog and dancing.

Wine goblet and golden candle setting

258/365 Tuesday. I participated in the World Wide Photo Walk for the first time in 2009. We met at Creations Cafe downtown. While waiting for everyone to show up, a few of us took a tour of the renovated Bugs Temple, which housed Creation Cafe and another restaurant called Euphoria. I took my best photos on the walk in this building. I didn’t submit any of them, though, because even though I liked them, I knew they wanted something distinctive, and this aint it.

Underside view up into a furled flag

259/365 Wednesday. Looking up Lady Glory’s skirt. Voyeuristic, I know, but I couldn’t help it. I wandered along the canal, along with everyone else on the photo walk. We were all looking for that distinctive image, that image that would be The One. As I said, I knew I didn’t have it, but I chuckled at taking a peek up the old girl’s skirts.

Plant growing tall through cement sidewalk

260/365 Thursday. I have a fascination with plants growing up and through man’s attempt to civilize it. Such perseverance.

Composite of face with starburst

261/365 Friday. On one of my many walks to Starbucks back in 2005. HOT HOT HOT. This is a composite of three photos.

254/365 I Lived in Mirrors That Summer

Reflection of a couple in a bar


She considers his words then adds her own. She looks down, then up, a bit perturbed that he doesn’t listen. Or maybe he does, but doesn’t respond. He lifts his locally brewed Osiris Pale Ale and drinks, half turning from her. A sign he won’t respond.

I sit with my back to them and watch the drama through the glass window, their ghostly appearance a testament to their relationship.


That summer I spent many late afternoons and early evenings in MacNiven’s on Mass Ave. As I’ve said before, they have a beer menu that runs into tomorrow, and windows and mirrors that disorient even before the first frothy gulp. I lived in mirrors that summer.

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