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Mardi Gras in a Flower

I wander down a wooded lane, the sun touches the horizon behind me as I step into the shadows. A wooded canopy arches over the lane and cool air whispers across my cheek. I see a purple veil ahead and wonder what mysteries lie beyond it. All around, violet flowers glow, their centers shining in the deep evening. I choose one to guide me beyond the veil and into a topsy-turvy world.

Mardi Gras

Mardi Gras in a Flower. This was created in Photoshop. Click on image to read how I achieved it.


666; A Number Made in …..

666 approve
Wordpress informs me that I have personally approved 666. I wonder what my prize is?

I Was So Disoriented I Finally Had To Ask Someone, “Did There Used To Be A Church Here?”

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I should just stop going back to abandoned places. There is nothing on this barren plot of land that even suggests a building once stood here.

Out of Ruins Comes New Growth

Near the Carmel Arts and Design District in wealthy Carmel, Indiana an old church deteriorates. Out of the ruins comes new growth and if left alone, the new growth will consume the ruins and reclaim it. If left alone.

Abandoned Church

Church in Ruins


191/365 Lush growth takes root and begins to grow

Barred Windows

Vines grow beside iron-barred windows


192/365 Virginia Creeper slowly surrounds the arched door

Window and Eaves

It winds its way to the window above

Ivy-covered steps

Vines carpet the steps

Ivy in Bricks

Ivy breaks down brick


193/365 Green leaves continue to emerge

A metaphor for life. Nature reclaims the neglected and forgotten. I like to think that all the old paradigms that no longer serve me are reclaimed and result in new growth.

[I took these photos in 2008 before the Carmel Arts and Design District began to flourish. I have not been back to see if the church still exists. It may. But in what state?]

56/365 Mystery in the Mist

Winter Train Tracks


I stare into the mist. I strain to hear the rumble of the train and to feel the tremble of the earth.

The lay of the tracks teases my imagination. One end takes me into the past, the other end takes me into the future. Will the train rumble from out of the frozen past, its wheels screeching steel-on-steel as it races by and disappears into the misty future? Or will the train appear out of the misty future, its whistle announcing its arrival as it rushes forward and into a frozen past? I don’t have an answer.

Today, as I contemplate this photo, I believe the train will emerge out of the future and speed towards me, bringing something. But tomorrow, when I contemplate this photo, I might believe the train comes from behind and races away from me, taking something away. I like to think that the train brings hope and takes away fear.

365/353 Mirror and Lace

Bathroom Mirror


Droplets gather and, like tears, stream down the face of the mirror, clearing the fog to reveal her covered in lace.

365/361 Rorschach Test

Summer Grasses


Through the grasses a mystery unfolds. What do you see? A Rorschach test, indeed. Whatever it is that you perceive beyond the grasses will tell you something about yourself.


Black Cat at the door


So many times I feel like I sit at a door waiting for someone else to open it for me. I am disturbed by this even as I write because I realize that I tend to wait for others to open doors for me. Why did I not learn to open my own doors?

Dear black cat, I will not wait with you until someone else opens that door. I’m going to find my own door and open it myself.

September is for Persephone

Dezra Reflected in Windo

September is over. October is half gone. I have been absent. I don’t know where to begin, so I begin here, again.

My world was dark through September. I look back at it and sense the turmoil of a caterpillar liquifying, or the gestation of a human fetus immersed in amniotic fluid, growing—both becoming what they already are, though I do not claim the liquid depths of sanctification that the butterfly or baby experience. My metamorphosis is rather lame in comparison, just another walk through a difficult time. I wonder if I will ever shake these moments of darkness and I have to answer, probably not. If I haven’t by now, I doubt I ever will. And I don’t know if I want to. In moments of lightness and smiles, I lose touch with myself and I feel rather shallow. I’m not saying I don’t want moments of lightness and smiles! I do! But I don’t want them at the expense of darkness. The two make up who I am and I am learning to embrace darkness. Darkness is like the earth and I am a plant with roots growing deep into the ground where nutrients feed me and give me nourishment. I need the fecundity of darkness as much as I need the illumination of light; one feeds my soul, the other expresses it.

The myth of Persephone comes to mind.

Collage of Persephone

Abduction of Persephone -- Created in 2003 from magazine cut outs.

However, I like to think that Persephone chose to eat the seeds so that she could have the depths of the underworld available to her. But she doesn’t stay there. She does return to the surface. It’s a cycle and one that makes sense to me.

Artbook Page Tribute to Persephone

In 2005 I dedicated much of this artbook to Persephone and my view of her

Odd. This really wasn’t the direction I initially intended for this post. But here it is. And it is me.

Things That Make Me Happy: Humor

I woke up this morning, poured my coffee, and grabbed a….oh no! What is this? My bananas! They’re TALKING TO ME!

My Bananas Are Talking To Me!

They must have had too much to drink!

I'm Watching you

Too much of that Appletini, I see.

Eat More Peeches

Sneaky. Trying to deflect me by putting me on to the "peeches"

Get away from the computer and no one will get hurt

Now they've gone too far.

Banana being peeled

Who's hurting now, huh? Huh? HUH?

Banana being eaten

Oh, yeah, that's what I mean.

Banana peel being thrown away

Don't get between me and my computer

People are afraid of bananas and I get that. Bananas hang out in gangs. They wear near bullet-proof outer layers. And when you get wild and bite into them without peeling them, they are nasty. But I’m not afraid of them. I don’t care how much they’ve had to drink. I don’t care how threatening they become. Bananas are really very yellow. Keep that in mind the next time you walk into their ‘hood in the grocery store. Then pick a bunch. And grab some “peeches” while you’re at it because peaches don’t talk back. At least, not that I know of. I’ll find out tomorrow….

(Banana idea inspired by The Bloggess.)

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