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October Photo Wrap Up

Today is day number 364 out of 365 days! One more day and then this project is technically over. Yet, this year was a leap year, so that means….366 days! I can either end tomorrow and call it a wrap or I can celebrate the leap year and complete the whole. Guess which one I’m doing? Yep, 366 days.

Taking a year to cull through my digital photos gave me a unique opportunity to review and remind me of the photos I have. Many photos elicited a smile while others upset me. Some photos tell a universal story while others are personal. Some photos are actually pretty decent by adhering to photographic/artistic standards, while others are a mess. I chose photos based on what I want to include in a coffee table book, so there are many photos I included that have meaning to me and many photos I excluded because I didn’t want to be reminded of the event.

I started out excited and maintained that for the most part, but then August came along and I just wanted it over. Life became stressful for me in August, and I had to let go of some activities in order to alleviate the stress. I moved this project over to Flickr and modified the process in order to help me complete the goal. I’m sad that it’s almost over. Two more days.

Here’s October’s photos:


September Photo Wrap Up

Since joining the tech crew for The Rocky Horror Show, my time has been extremely limited so I haven’t posted like I wanted. I’m way behind on everything! I’m starting to catch up. The kitchen has been cleaned and laundry is being done even as I write this (oh, fresh, clean clothes, how I have missed you).

Here’s September’s photo wrap up. Today is day 334/365 (or 366, since this is a leap year). I can’t believe I only have a month left on this project. Woohoo!

August Photo Wrap Up

Even though I took a hiatus from my blog, I did maintain the 365 Days Journey Through the Past on Flickr.

August is a very active month in Indianapolis for me. It’s Indiana State Fair time and although I don’t usually go, this year I went to take photos just for fun.

August is my birthday month…visiting my high school best friend, Laura, in Utah was a birthday present I gave myself one year.

Also, the largest gaming convention in the world, Gen Con, comes to town in August, so there are a number of costume photos. Most of the costume photos here are from 2005. I meet Laura for lunch every year at Gen Con so this year when I went, I took a lot of photos of people in costumes.

Other than those major events, the rest of the photos are pretty standard.

July Photo Wrap Up

Although Indiana experienced an unprecedented drought during the month of July, my photo pool was full to brimming with many days being represented by more than one year. In the past, the summer months and good weather encouraged me to go out and take photos. Not this year, though. It has been so hot, I rarely ventured out into the scorching heat. Must amend that.

Here’s July’s photo wrap up.

June Photo Wrap Up

June was a bumpy ride for me. I’m re-evaluating where I am in life and what I’m doing, where I’m going, and what’s next. I thought a lot about photography and about writing and about jobs and about how I can smooth out the ride a little better…perhaps get shock absorbers????

Anyway, I had an odd relationship with the photos I uploaded to 365 Days Journey Through the Past. I loved many of them, chuckled at a few, was grossed-out by others, didn’t like a number of them, and was embarrassed by at least one. There were photos that inspired determination, photos that tugged at the heart, artistic photos, bizarre photos, and meh photos.

So here’s June’s photo wrap up.

May’s Photo Wrap Up

May proved to be a difficult month for me by way of posting photos to my 365 Days Journey Through the Past project. I found myself thinking, what’s the point? and then didn’t want to continue, but I did anyway. I’m trying to scratch out a theme of my photography history and can only come up with what the photos aren’t; they aren’t photographs of people. I have some, but mostly it’s about things. I do enjoy the vision photography has gifted me with, though. I love finding beauty in the mundane.

April’s Photo Wrap Up

I know, I’m wrapping up a day early. I think wrapping up on a weekend is a good thing. It’s like bundling up multiple endings into a neat, little package, and that feels good.

March’s Photo Wrap Up

Today is the first day of April and with it comes April showers. While it’s a beautiful, wet, spring day outside, inside I’m wrapping up my March photos and drinking a warm cup of Chai tea with sweetened Italian cream. (For those new to my blog, I am working on a personal project where I revisit photos that I took on or near the current date but in a different year and then upload them either here or on Flickr or both.)

February’s Photo Wrap Up

The February gallery for 365 Days Journey Through the Past:

January’s Photo Wrap Up

365 Days Journey Through the Past

January was both difficult and easy. Unlike December where, over the years, I went days without taking photos and therefore chose to supplement those lost days with design work, January was almost overcrowded with photos and I had to choose between different years. The problem? Very little of it was good. It’s as if I got a camera for Christmas and like a child I took that camera everywhere I went. Well, that’s true. I got a Canon PowerShot S2 IS for Christmas in 2006 and most of the photos in January were from that camera. And I was a child. I was learning how to shoot in manual and learning what white balance was and I kept that camera so close to me that I swear it would attach itself to me and I would be on my way to becoming a camera Borg. But it doesn’t mean the photos were GOOD. And, yet, that’s what I had available to me. Many days on my blog are lost regarding the 365 Days Journey From the Past. Perhaps I should have uploaded them anyway. But I didn’t. I was embarrassed by them. Now here they all are.

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