…and that’s how I joined the tech crew for The Rocky Horror Show

Moon as Voyeur

Night peeked through the screened-in patio as I sat with my friends, Zach, Mitch, and Mary Kay, drinking wine and just chillin’ out. We told stories of our lives since we last met a year ago.

A bottle of wine spiked with St. Germaine passed through my glass by the time Zach said, “Dezra, you should get involved with Rocky. We’re always looking for tech.” Zach is, well, I’m not exactly sure of everything that he does, but I do know he is producing The Rocky Horror Show at Footlite Musicals. And he’s really good.

“Sure!” I said with conviction.

The best decisions are made instantly when you don’t give the judgment part of your brain a chance to jump you and toss you to the ground with its foot planted firmly on your chest in order to keep you from stepping out of your comfort zone. Wine helps, also.

Night smiled as it overheard me, because it was Night who whispered that suggestion into Zach’s ears. A month earlier it eavesdropped when I mentioned that I wanted to see The Rocky Horror Picture Show because I had never seen it before. And although I’m involved in The Rocky Horror Show and not The Rocky Horror Picture Show it’s still Rocky Horror and it’s still campy and fun. (Note: The stage play came first. When they took it to the movie theaters, they added the word Picture to the title to differentiate it from the stage play.)

Be expecting photos as I work my way through the show. I already have some really cool shots taken from stage right (where I’m stationed) and plan on taking more as the show progresses.


About Dezra Despain

Life is full of stories waiting to be revealed.

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  1. Ooooowooo, this is going to be fun to follow!

  2. AMazing night scene Dezra!!
    Looking forward to see the photos!

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