The Ending of One Phase and the Beginning of the Next

It’s halfway through September and I’ve not fully returned to blogging. I took August off in order to regroup and to refocus since I felt like my posts were irrelevant, and I was falling into a comfortable but uninspiring rut that consisted of my past but not my present. As much as I like the 365 Days Journey Through the Past project, I equally don’t like it because it takes up time I would rather spend doing something else with my blog.

That being said, I am still continuing the project, but I’ve taken it over to Flickr. That works for me and frees me up here to pursue other creative endeavors. I will continue to post a monthly photo wrap up, though.

List of what I love but have neglected:

    Words: creative writing, fiction, creative non-fiction and a bit of dabbling in poetry until it embarrasses me and I set it aside.
    Art: book art, collage, acrylics, art journals
    Photography: Yes, I have neglected photography. Most of what I post is from my past, not my present. One of my purposes with taking August off was to figure out what kind of photography excites me. I wrestled all month with it, teasing out the joy from the prosaic until I discovered my photographic raison d’etre. I love photo journalism. I love documenting something, ANYTHING.
    Travel: I’m more at home away from home. Always have been.
    Storytelling: Storytelling in all its forms. Fiction. Non-fiction. Photography. Art. I truly believe we are a storied people, that we live stories and live in stories, and that we yearn for them.

I’m setting into motion a couple of new projects. (I love projects!!! They give me direction and boundaries, and they end so that I can begin the next project!) These projects incorporate all of the above. They’re difficult to describe but includes all the creative things I love to do.

I wanted to include a photo for this post. I chose this one because it represents all that I love: words (graffiti), art, photography, travel—it’s on a platform next to the train tracks, symbolic of travel—and it tells a story, if not in words, in sentiment.

Aesthetic Graffiti

The original photo can be seen on Flickr. By Dezra Despain © All Rights Reserved


About Dezra Despain

Life is full of stories waiting to be revealed.

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  1. Sorry to hear you are scaling back on the blogging. Cool photo, Dezra, by the way. And best of luck with your all your endeavours!

    • I found that posting a photo a day on my blog took away from being able to post other things. I’m scaling back, but only on the 365 Days Journey Through the Past project. I plan on posting at least twice a week, if not more. The direction will be a bit different, though. I’m going to take it as it comes.

      I appreciate your sentiments, also. Thank you!

  2. I’m not sure how I came upon your blog but I can see a few similarities between us that intrigue me. Until last month I had a blog that started out primarily as a photo blog only. As it progressed I added more text until I decided I was not getting the enjoyment I was seeking. I was going to transfer onto flickr but, at the last moment, decided to start a new blog centering on my writing. And breaking up the content every so often with my photographs. If you don’t mind I’ll be checking out your blog from time to time. To see where you’re headed. Good luck!

    • Getting the rhythm down for what makes me keep coming back to blogging takes time, I think. I have two accounts on Blogger that are now defunct, and two other WordPress accounts. I believe one is still active, but you’ll never find it! I only made nine posts on it. I’m keeping this one active because I like it, but I have to redirect it. It will still include a lot of photography, but more along the photo journalism route. Thanks for visiting my blog, Paul, and I hope to see you again. Good luck with your blog.

  3. Since you have a nicely inventive mind, I am sure whatever you do will be interesting.

    • Thanks Robert. I am a bit slow in responding. I’ve been caught up in some outside volunteer efforts that have left me little time for much of anything. But now things are slowing down and I can get back to my online world. 🙂 I’m rather excited about my new projects. I’m still working out how I’m going to approach them, though.

  4. Oh but I miss you. Can I live without you? Probably only in a diminished capacity. bawaawaa.

    • You are too funny! I have been MIA, I know. But I did the most crazy thing! I volunteered to work on a stage crew for one of our local theater groups and this past week is what they call Hell Week because every night is some kind of specific rehearsal. I was getting in past midnight and waking up early for work. There has been no time for anything and I’ve gotten behind. But now that the show has opened, it won’t be so crazy and maybe I’ll get back to some kind of normal life, whatever that means. 🙂

      • Good for you Dezra! That is one of the things I like about you….your love of life and willingness to participate in your own. I really do miss you.

  5. So glad to hear you will be posting more often. This is a great shot!

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