August Photo Wrap Up

Even though I took a hiatus from my blog, I did maintain the 365 Days Journey Through the Past on Flickr.

August is a very active month in Indianapolis for me. It’s Indiana State Fair time and although I don’t usually go, this year I went to take photos just for fun.

August is my birthday month…visiting my high school best friend, Laura, in Utah was a birthday present I gave myself one year.

Also, the largest gaming convention in the world, Gen Con, comes to town in August, so there are a number of costume photos. Most of the costume photos here are from 2005. I meet Laura for lunch every year at Gen Con so this year when I went, I took a lot of photos of people in costumes.

Other than those major events, the rest of the photos are pretty standard.


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  1. Hope you had a happy birthday and a good trip back here to Utah! SLC/Provo area?

    • I did have a happy birthday this year! The photos from Utah are from my past, back in 2009. I was in Salt Lake. We also went down south to Beaver, Ut for a night and then returned on the back roads through the mountains. I miss the mountains. One day, I’ll get back to Utah again.

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