274-275 This is Where I Take The Rest of the Month Off

Sometimes a hiatus is what is needed. Sometimes daily habits become numbing and a shake-up of routine is necessary. That’s where I am right now, so I’m taking the month off from blog posting.

Since I prepped photos through tomorrow, though, I’m sharing them, mainly because I wanted to celebrate a friendship that has lasted for decades. Those kinds of friendships are few and far between.


274/365 In 2009, I returned to my home State, Utah, to visit my best friend from high school. We drove to Alta Ski Resort in the Wasatch Mountains. During the summer months, instead of being covered in snow, the mountains are covered in wildflowers (and Aspens and evergreens and all kinds of beautiful flora. See my Flickr set for more mountain photos.). I love how wildflowers undulate over the ground to create mounds of colorful bouquets.


275/365 Laura and I met in 9th grade. We have been friends ever since. Even though we live far apart, when we get together, it’s as if we haven’t been separated. It’s nice to know some people are forever.


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  1. I love this and am also fortunate enough to still see some of my class mates, though they are scattered all over the place these days. I’m looking forward to a few of them coming to visit me at the end of this month. Enjoy your time off, I always like reading your posts and look forward to reading them again soon 🙂

    • Thank you. Few of my friends grew with me since most of them were religion-based and I left that religion. But those who did, I cherish. I am quite blessed with wonderful friends.

  2. Wonderful post! I have a couple of forever friends as well.

  3. Hope you have a nice break from posting!

    • I’ll still be uploading my 365 Days Journey stuff to Flickr. I’m not slouching on that project! Flickr isn’t as intensive as the blog so I will continue the journey, just not here.

  4. Blogging is intensive. I will miss you. Please come back.

  5. Have an absolutely fabulous, stress-free month! I wish you two things–the best outdoor-activity weather and the best of photo weather, the two often differing greatly, when you hope for each, in turn. And have fun!

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