264 – 268 More Future Photos of the Past

Last week I pre-posted the photos for 365 Days Journey Through the Past. I discovered it gave me time to do some blog housekeeping. One project I wanted to accomplish was to write an About Me page. I worked hard on it all week, thinking about the angle I wanted to approach it with, how much to say, what not to say, what would be of interest, and what was just hubris. I’m still working on it but thought I’d share what I have so far:


It’s screaming potential and has the makings of a movie. I just know it!

Now on to this week’s future posts.

Pilsner with Beer

264/365 Monday; at MacNiven’s on Mass Ave.

Chicken Legs!

265/365 Tuesday; Worldwide Photo Walk 2010. Two years later and this is still my favorite capture of the day.

I enjoyed being part of the Worldwide Photo Walk 2009 so much I participated in the 2010 one. We met at the County Fair. It was a hot, hot, hothothothot day. I especially enjoyed the semi-cooled animal barns. I met a turkey who took a liking to me after I got a photo of him. He flashed his tail feathers at me. I oohed. I turned to leave. He gobbled at me. I turned back. He strutted his stuff. I turned to leave. He gobbled vehemently. I turned back. He flashed even more. My friend was laughing. I was being courted by a turkey!!! But what a turkey! Magnificent! Alas, it was not to be. I hope I didn’t break his heart. I should post his photo. You would all be jealous. (I added the above links, if you want to see him.)

Colorful Plates on a Wall

266/365 Wednesday; San Antonio, Texas

Zooming in on a Wreath hanging on a Door

267/365 Thursday; I was playing with zoom possibilities

Abstract of grasses against sky

268/365 Friday; a Wanderlust drive out into the middle of nowhere.

I took off on a Wanderlust evening, needing to get away but not having the time to go anywhere exciting. Instead, I went south into farm country since I don’t normally go that direction. As I reviewed my photos of that evening, I remembered how ethereal it was. I spent time on a bend in the road taking surreal and abstract photos.


About Dezra Despain

Life is full of stories waiting to be revealed.

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  1. I can feel that beer going down. 🙂

  2. Tom is sexy and he knows it!

  3. I, on the other hand, really like your 268 abstract. One could get lost in contemplation of its serene . . . um . . . colors and . . . um . . . motion . . . and . . . um . . .

    • I chose it because of that. I had a really strong urge to get away (I call it Wanderlust) but I couldn’t leave the state so I wandered out into the countryside. Indiana is very flat so the countryside tends towards boring. I stopped at a bend in the road and spent the dying daylight hours lost in serene abstractions. I still remember how peaceful I felt.

  4. Amazing photos!
    Day 267 is my favorite of them!!
    Great shots Dezra!

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