256 — 261 I Made the Rules; I Break The Rules

Once upon a time ago at the university my friend and I were discussing class while leaving the building. He pushed through a set of doors that had an official sign reading Please Use Other Door.

I gasped.

“You’re not supposed to use those doors!” I said while pushing through the sanctioned set of doors.

“Why not? They work.”

After the initial shock of watching him disobey a sign, I thought, He’s right. Why not?

So the next day I did the most rebellious thing I had ever done in my life. (Ok, that’s an exaggeration, but it felt like it.) I went back to the building and willfully WALKED THROUGH THOSE DOORS.

It felt good.

I tell this story because I’ve set up rules regarding my posts for 365 Days Journey Through the Past. The main one being: Post A Photo A Day. It’s like a sign that got posted in my head that I must obey but has no real meaning.

I’m here today to break that rule. I am posting next weeks photos TODAY.

It feels good.

So here is what I photographed in the past all next week. (How’s that for time warp?)

Close up of a pink rose

256/365 Sunday (today) Altar Flowers

Man dancing, silhouetted against sunset

257/365 Monday. On one of my wanderlust excursions, I ended up in Tennessee visiting a dear friend. We went to a park where live country and jazz music played loudly and people milled about. A lake glimmered behind me and old woods beckoned across the graveled lot. I caught this man walking his dog and dancing.

Wine goblet and golden candle setting

258/365 Tuesday. I participated in the World Wide Photo Walk for the first time in 2009. We met at Creations Cafe downtown. While waiting for everyone to show up, a few of us took a tour of the renovated Bugs Temple, which housed Creation Cafe and another restaurant called Euphoria. I took my best photos on the walk in this building. I didn’t submit any of them, though, because even though I liked them, I knew they wanted something distinctive, and this aint it.

Underside view up into a furled flag

259/365 Wednesday. Looking up Lady Glory’s skirt. Voyeuristic, I know, but I couldn’t help it. I wandered along the canal, along with everyone else on the photo walk. We were all looking for that distinctive image, that image that would be The One. As I said, I knew I didn’t have it, but I chuckled at taking a peek up the old girl’s skirts.

Plant growing tall through cement sidewalk

260/365 Thursday. I have a fascination with plants growing up and through man’s attempt to civilize it. Such perseverance.

Composite of face with starburst

261/365 Friday. On one of my many walks to Starbucks back in 2005. HOT HOT HOT. This is a composite of three photos.


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  1. I wonder, what follows this departure from rules.

  2. I wonder the same thing! 🙂 Love the “Looking up Lady Glory’s skirt.”

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