254/365 I Lived in Mirrors That Summer

Reflection of a couple in a bar


She considers his words then adds her own. She looks down, then up, a bit perturbed that he doesn’t listen. Or maybe he does, but doesn’t respond. He lifts his locally brewed Osiris Pale Ale and drinks, half turning from her. A sign he won’t respond.

I sit with my back to them and watch the drama through the glass window, their ghostly appearance a testament to their relationship.


That summer I spent many late afternoons and early evenings in MacNiven’s on Mass Ave. As I’ve said before, they have a beer menu that runs into tomorrow, and windows and mirrors that disorient even before the first frothy gulp. I lived in mirrors that summer.


About Dezra Despain

Life is full of stories waiting to be revealed.

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  1. Nice edgy voyeuristic stuff. Frothy too. Guinness for me.

  2. I love how you captured her left eye, and the story line fits so well. I would be tempted to bring out the white in her eye just a bit, but the natural subtlety of your image works very well as it is. It’s a good thing we don’t all like the same things, or life would be pretty boring. A really cold wheat beer would only do it for me on one of those Washington, DC days when it’s 102 F with 105 humidity (yes, folks, it does happen!). Under normal conditions, give me a nice, hearty India Pale Ale at cellar temperature.

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