253/365 More from the Meadow

Plant going to Seed


I call it My Meadow, but it isn’t mine. It belongs to itself. Nature belongs to itself.

Long view of the meadow

Prairie meadow. Behind the trees are homes. Behind me is the road. Over in the right corner is a platform. I don’t know why it’s there. I climbed it once. Only once. I didn’t like being up there looking out over the meadow. I preferred to be among the grasses and wildflowers.

Airborne seeds clinging to vine tendril

These seeds from the mother plant wafted all through the meadow. These cling tenaciously to a vine, not wanting to let go but knowing they have to in order to fulfill their purpose.

Bee on lavender wildflower

I’m not patient when it comes to photographing flitting and flying insects, but this bee must have found a saturated wildflower because he stayed still enough for me to get quite a few photos.

Wild berries

I am so used to getting my fruits from a grocery that I don’t know what I could eat in the wilds. It’s a shame that I am so removed from the natural world. I will leave these for the meadow creatures, though.

Black-eyed Susans

Black-eyed Susans. So abundant. Some people are tired of seeing them and snub them for their gardens. I can’t help but love them. They are both sun and earth, light and dark, beauty in contrasts.

Grasses lit by the sun

When the sun hits just right, it skims the tips of these feathered tassels and makes them shimmer.


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  1. Great photos Dezra. The bee b cool. Nice set of photos with a soft and comfortable feel.

  2. Really lovely images, Dezra. Are you on Wilden Marsh?

  3. You have capture the esence of nature pretty well here.
    Love this post!
    Have a great weekend, Dezra!

    • Thanks, Pablo! I love the meadow and have photographed it extensively but initially my images were bland. I’m getting better at seeing it as it is a replicating it on camera. Also, I did have a great weekend. 🙂

  4. This last image just takes me in. I want to ease down to the ground, without bending any stems, with the tassles all around me, and become a part of the natural, swaying whole. What a wonderful meditation.

    • Listening to the occasional bird call out its territory, hearing the whisper of grasses swishing as they brush each other, barely noticing the incessant sound of insects lost in the distance: the lifeblood and heartbeat of Mother Earth.

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