All This From A 20 Minute Walk Around the Block in Fountain Square

I hadn’t taken a real photo in weeks. Oh, I’ve been playing around with the iPhone and having fun with Instagram and Snapseed, two apps that add a little funk to photos, but I hadn’t taken a dedicated camera out, not even my point-and-shoot!

Also, I was out of wine. I had a growler I could fill with wine from New Day Meadery—a local winery with soooo delicious wine—so I decided to head to Fountain Square where they have a tasting room. I wanted Snap Dragon, a fizzy, crisp, apricot cider that tastes like summer in a glass.

Fountain Square is one of three designated art districts in Indianapolis. I knew if I walked around a bit, I would find interesting subjects to photograph.

But it was a hot, hot, hothothot day and after 20 minutes in the blazing sun, I gave in to an air-conditioned car. Besides, I couldn’t let my chilled cider warm up in the car while I walked around, now could I? I didn’t leave empty-handed, though. Fountain Square is a photographer’s mecca. I can just imagine this on a weekend or at night when lots of people pack the sidewalks.


I thought marquees magically changed their letters. But no! That’s an actual person on a ladder switching them out! My world will never be the same. Notice the architecture. Very nice, Fountain Square, very nice.

Flowered window boxes

I rounded the corner and saw these flower boxes and was immediately transported back to New Orleans and their lush flower boxes cascading over balconies in the French Quarter.

Oak door and window

Take a peek into the window. A contemporary, elegant light fixture behind a solid oak door characterized by age and beauty.

Apartment Entrance

Senior living! Seriously! In Fountain Square where all the hipsters hang out. What a diverse place this is!

Old red brick

I do gravitate towards old brick. Especially old brick with remnants of yesteryear on it. I can’t quite figure out what this was….a mystery.

Entrance painted on brick

Hidden in an alley under vines. I couldn’t find the entrance. It must be magical

Female face stenciled on wall

Fountain Square has a solid art community. Murals abound, many of them rogue but many also by artists-in-residence. So many things about this one fascinate me. The female face, the cross, the barbed wire, the starkness. I could get lost in this for hours.

Colorful mural

This is just a portion of the larger mural. It’s in an alley or back street…not sure what to call it. The road is paved but only one car at a time can drive between the buildings.

Stay classy y'all on cement

Yeah. That!

Zombie apocalypse sticker

Confusing message. Yes, zombie apocalypse? Or Stop zombie apocalypse? Or Stop denying zombie apocalypse? Hmmm.

All this in 20 minutes around one block. When the days cool down, I will go back. And then the fun begins!


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  1. Nice brick, nice door, nice walk.

  2. Cool. I like the shot of the mural. Oh, and apricot cider sounds lovely.

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