244/365 50mm Abstractions

Abstract 01


I had my new camera for a couple of weeks before I took it out on its first camera shoot. I chose Indianapolis Museum of Art’s (IMA) 100 Acres as my destination. I only had a 50mm lens so I was limited in what I could do. I considered it a challenge. It’s a beautiful little lens but so frustrating because I saw so many things I couldn’t photograph! However, that was part of the challenge, to work with what I had and find beauty and intrigue within its limitations. I discovered bokeh. Beautiful, soft bokeh.

I dedicate this post to abstracts.

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  1. Wow, coincidence or magic. I used a 50mm lens exclusively when at college. It made me move around the subject which is why I chose it. I did lots of projects in really fast B & W film, sometimes infrared film and a 50mm lens. I really like the abstracts you have here…. now I have to go snorkeling!!! 🙂

    • I had been so conditioned to my zoom lens doing all the moving and my wide angle lens getting the bigger picture that it was really frustrating for me to just use the 50mm. However, it takes gorgeous photos. I want more prime lenses because they tend to be more sharp. I’ve never used film. It was too cost prohibitive for me, so I missed out on that part of photography. I hope to rectify that since I do have a SLR film camera (an old Nikon).

      Go and have fun snorkeling! You got to get that practice in! 🙂

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