240/365 MacNivens on Mass Ave


240/365 My favorite bar on Mass Ave. Full of memories. All good.

MacNiven’s, a Scottish bar with a beer menu that runs into tomorrow, has a bank of windows, walls with windows, and mirrors. I go there and find reflections reflecting reflections, a world of illusions. It’s perfect for a bar because you feel disoriented even before the first sip.


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  1. Hmmm…”a beer menu that runs into tomorrow.” Looks like a place I’ll need to try if I’m ever there!

    • Oh, it is wonderful. And it’s located on Mass Ave where there’s lots of entertainment and food. It’s a great place! And the women’s restroom has large posters of Ewan McGregor and Sean Connery…you know, those famous Scots. Makes sense, since MacNiven’s is a Scottish bar. I’m not sure who is in the men’s room, though…..

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