Heat Wave!

It was scorching today in Indiana! 104°F! It nearly topped its all-time high record 0f 106°F [41°C].


BUT HOLY HEAT WAVE, LOOK HOW HOT IT IS IN MY CAR. [43.3°C — seriously, we need to move to Celsius. It’s much cooler! heheh]

I think it lies. It is always registering about 4° higher than what I hear on the news while I’m driving. Even so, it was HOT! And I couldn’t touch the steering wheel without my fingers dancing up and down to keep from burning. And I know I’m probably sounding like I’m whining to all you Southerners or Equatorians. But it’s HOT!


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  1. Yeah, we’re on Celsius here and it is way cooler 😉

  2. Palmmer Cranfield (AKA Jerry Felker)

    Hi, Dezra! I just bumped into your blog, and saw somewhere that you left the Church. I left in April 2006 and would love to know all about your journey. Nice to see you again, as always. Palmmer Cranfield AKA Jerry Felker (legally changed my name in Jan2001,) and you can find me on Facebook if you wish to contact me. Take care, and have a great day! Email: tourkentucky@hotmail.com Sincerely, Palmmer (Jerry)

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