Wine Tasting is Fancy, So What Is This?

Two things happened over the weekend. I got an iPhone and I went to a wine tasting at Chateau de Pique. This is the result.

Chateau de Pique bathroom

Words of wisdom. Remember them.

To put in context, though, Chateau de Pique established their tasting room in an old train station, only a few feet away from the tracks. They kept as much of the old wood, doors, and hardware as they could.

Inside, it smells of old, cared-for wood, and the decor is elegant in a down-to-earth way. They found an old train conductor’s hat while remodeling and loved it, so they have it on display. And in the bathroom above the commode, I found the above words of wisdom.


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  1. Congrats on getting the iPhone … and capturing a great conversation piece! Which photo editing ap did you use?

    • I think I took it with the basic camera then used Snapseed (a free app) to get the look. Loaded it into Instagram for final touches. It was fun and I’ll do more but it’s not for all photos. I can’t wait to take more pics. 🙂

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