214/365 The Middle Child Graduates!

The year is 2007. The person is my middle child, now a young man. The situation is high school graduation. Such a proud moment!




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  1. This is a nice series of photographs! My daughter is currently doing her exams and I feel her pain remembering those moments that were not nice and I wouldn’t want to re-live for anything… love to all the children / young adults doing exams right now.

    • I’m afraid I may not have photos of my oldest son graduating. That took place when I had film and I’m not quite sure where all my photo albums are. I’m going to have to look for them. And, yes, I agree, I would not want to re-live exams…at any level of graduation! Love to all the exam-takers. It is that time of year.

  2. …and my son.

    For them both to have got this far is a great achievement 🙂

  3. It’s so very true: The time goes by so very fast. It’s not easy, but absolutely essential, to pause and savor the fleeting moments that we share with one another. We are fortunate in that we have made the effort to develop the skills to help us to capture these moments, and they reward us richly. A momentous family milestone, and a beautiful memoir.

    • Thank you, Gary. I’m learning more and more that pausing to savor the fleeting moments is not long enough. Sometimes I want to stop the world and relish the moment forever, but life keeps on and we move onto the next moment.

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