212/365 In the Garden, But Not



I like this because of the symbolism. The statue is in a cemetery in Bloomington, Indiana.


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  1. Our son just finished his freshman year at IU. I haven’t had much time to explore the area other than the wonderful campus and charming downtown Bloomington. Your photograph is beautiful and I felt an immediate connection. This August we’ll return to deposit him and his belongings on campus, and I’m scheduling an extra day or two to explore!

    • Bloomington is a charming university town. I love the feel of it and enjoy wandering around when I get down there. (I live in Indianapolis.) I’m sure your son can give you a tour of Bloomington and all its offerings. The town itself has a lot of character, but if you want to travel a bit (not far, really), Nashville, Indiana is a quaint arts and crafts town, if you like that kind of place. It’s also near Brown County State Park, which I absolutely love. If you like wine, Oliver Winery is just a few minutes north of Bloomington. The wine is good, but I absolutely love the park-like setting they’ve created, with the lodge-type tasting room, a large, rock fountain, tons of flowers, and rows and rows of grapevines. I go there when I want to relax. It’s not too far but far enough to feel like a mini-vacation. I wrote a post on it and included photos. You can read it here: https://dezradespain.wordpress.com/2011/08/10/photography-oliver-winery-indiana/ .

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