208/365 I Don’t Know What This Fabric Is But It Makes For a Great Abstract

I discovered this dirty fabric bunched up on the ground on Mass Ave by the railroad tracks. The colors and the folds in the fabric created great geometric shapes.

This photo is highly manipulated in Photoshop. It is a combination of two photos of the same subject, one I took out-of-focus and one normal. I blended the two then added a subtle black outline to some of the edges. I think if I were to redo this at all, I would crop out the upper-left corner that shows grass. It’s distracting. Otherwise, I rather like it!



It occurred to me that Mass Ave probably means nothing to many of you. It is such a rich experience for me that I thought I’d mentioned it!

Mass Ave is short for Massachussettes Avenue and begins in downtown Indianapolis. It is a thriving mecca of art, entertainment, and food, but as you drive further away, you leave the safety of downtown and hit the railroad tracks where life is rough but full of interesting things.

I have a few downtown photos that I will eventually post—especially of my favorite bar!—but most of my photos will be from the railroad tracks. The foundry is by the tracks. And there’s a lot of graffiti. I took photos of Katherine on Mass Ave, also.

I haven’t posted more because they are coming up in the summer. Lots of fun!


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  1. I want to visit Mass Ave!

  2. Nice edginess + Orton softness!

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