207/365 Burnt Paper in the Foundry


207/365 From the abandoned foundry


About Dezra Despain

Life is full of stories waiting to be revealed.

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  1. Talk about grunge! I can almost smell that. Well done.

    • Thanks! I was hoping the words on the paper were interesting, like from someone’s journal. But they aren’t. I can’t quite figure out what it’s referencing, though. Foundry notes? School assignment? A short story rag? Can’t tell.

      • They are upside down and I tried standing on my head but it gave me a headache. I could save the picture and rotate it but I would need your permission to do that. Wait, what if I invert my laptop?

      • LOL! I will give you a piece of advice, found in the burnt paper. “Sleep on it.” That may help. Osmosis is supposed to work, right? 😉

      • Like an idiot I did invert my laptop but I can can make out the same things I see without inverting it. lol.

      • I tried pulling the paper apart but now my monitor is broken. Hmmm. Next? (haha!)

      • We should be in a home for people who might be a danger to themselves.

      • Yeah. You standing on your head and me tearing the monitor apart. I’m sure my tongue would be sticking out as I tried to figure out why it wasn’t working. Oh! It’s sticking out now as I type. Hmmm.

      • LOL. I completely get the tongue sticking out image. Nobody I would rather be an imbecile with Dezra.

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