I Was So Disoriented I Finally Had To Ask Someone, “Did There Used To Be A Church Here?”

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I should just stop going back to abandoned places. There is nothing on this barren plot of land that even suggests a building once stood here.


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  1. I’m glad you went back and can show the before and after shots. It is a shame that church has completely vanished but at least you have a record of what it used to look like.

    • I talked to a woman who lives in one of the houses in the background of the “after” shot. She said someone bought the church and started to rehab it. They planned on turning it into a restaurant. But the City of Carmel inspected it and found that it had structural damage and so they condemned it. I’m not surprised, however, the Mayor of the town is draconian in his vision and won’t give an inch to anyone who sees Carmel in any other way than he does. I both like that and detest it. Oh well. It is what it is right now. But, yes, I have a record of what it was and it gave me joy in photographing it.

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