194-200 Catch Up!

Actually, this isn’t really catching up since I haven’t posted ANY May photos here and I’m only including the more recent days. But I have posted May’s photos on Flickr. The photos earlier in the month were rather boring, so I’m not bothering. These are a bit more interesting only because bourbon is involved…and possessed cats.

I won’t tell you what I think the master’s graduation hood looks like. (The hood is what drapes down the backs of master graduates.) It is so highly symbolic and makes sense, but we Americans, who are descended from the Puritans, titter at the thought. Oh, all right. I’ll tell. It looks like a vagina, especially Informatics’ hood because the color is blood red. I can’t go to a graduation ceremony without seeing all these heads sticking out the birth canal. But it makes sense! When the ritual ceremony for graduation was created, symbolism was de rigueur. We refer to our school as our alma mater, which means nourishing mother. So if we are leaving our mother’s womb and entering the world, why not fashion the hood (another euphemism) to look like the vagina? And it occurs to me that the person who hoods us is like a midwife. I love the symbolism.


194/365 2008 MS Media Arts & Science, School of Informatics, IUPUI

One day while getting gas, I ended up in Lexington, Ky. So I thought, what to do? THE BOURBON TRAIL! I only had time for one distillery, though, so I chose Woodford Reserve.



Up until this time, I didn’t like bourbon. It burned! But I discovered that only the first sip burns. So now I can drink bourbon, but I still prefer rum. I’m a pirate. Aaarrgh, me matey.


196/365 A true bourbon can only be aged in new, charred-oak barrels

If I’m going to include cats, they might as well be possessed.



One evening as I was reading in bed, I noticed that the folds in the sheets and the length of my legs looked kinda cool together. It’s like my legs are part of the sheets. The photo translated especially well to black and white, also.



In Irvington, I had ivy creeping across my porch. Yes, it inched towards the door, slowly, as if it didn’t want me to notice. Kinda eerie. Curious, though, I let it grow until it started creeping up the door. But this photo only shows it reaching towards the door…patiently waiting to consume me…in time. Someday the ivy will win.



May is iris month. I stumbled upon an iris show at Holliday Park today so it’s nice to find a photo of irises in my stash.




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  1. Fascinating symbolism 😉

    • Isn’t it? I wouldn’t have thought twice about it if I hadn’t inadvertently shook out my hood from it’s plastic wrap so that I stared at a…vagina! But it really got me thinking about the whole symbolism thing and how in the past everything was symbolic. I miss that. So I am quite pleased to know that all those stuffy professors walking around with their noses in the air and wearing their hoods like they were special are actually babies emerging from the birth canal. It puts them in their place. hehe

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