Out of Ruins Comes New Growth

Near the Carmel Arts and Design District in wealthy Carmel, Indiana an old church deteriorates. Out of the ruins comes new growth and if left alone, the new growth will consume the ruins and reclaim it. If left alone.

Abandoned Church

Church in Ruins


191/365 Lush growth takes root and begins to grow

Barred Windows

Vines grow beside iron-barred windows


192/365 Virginia Creeper slowly surrounds the arched door

Window and Eaves

It winds its way to the window above

Ivy-covered steps

Vines carpet the steps

Ivy in Bricks

Ivy breaks down brick


193/365 Green leaves continue to emerge

A metaphor for life. Nature reclaims the neglected and forgotten. I like to think that all the old paradigms that no longer serve me are reclaimed and result in new growth.

[I took these photos in 2008 before the Carmel Arts and Design District began to flourish. I have not been back to see if the church still exists. It may. But in what state?]


About Dezra Despain

Life is full of stories waiting to be revealed.

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  1. For some reason I always feel that overgrown steps provide a very powerful image of nature’s repossession

    • I agree. Steps are usually the first to be reclaimed. The other image that testifies to nature’s power is when tree trunks growing too close to man-made items (like fences) wrap around them and consume them. I can’t help but think we are at nature’s mercy when it’s all said and done.

  2. Another worthy subject for study and contemplation. It would be really interesting to find out its current state of natural reclamation–and, of course, if possible, what it looks like inside. But you can’t do everything. For some reason, I find the ivy-covered steps particularly inviting and contemplative.

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