Ode to the Carmel Grain Elevator in Photos

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  1. Interesting to see it before and after demolition.

    And I like that wrecking ball!

    • The “before” photo was taken in 2005 and the “after” photo was taken yesterday. When I posted about this back in February, I had no idea they were demolishing it. Once they made that decision, it went fast. And I’m glad you noticed the wrecking ball! I was afraid it looked too much like the rubble and would be missed. 🙂

  2. These shots looked so beautiful! =)

  3. There are a couple of huge concrete silos just outside the marsh boundary.

    • I fell in love with this silo years ago when I used to walk the trail that passed right by it. It is a relic of years gone by. Unfortunately for the silo, the area it’s in is expensive and has been turned into an Arts District. I wish they had repurposed it as an art gallery, but that wasn’t to be. Are your silos working silos? I have yet to come across one that is…but I don’t get out into the country much where they have grain they need to process and store.

  4. I still share your fascination with the Aladdin’s lamps. Were you able to scavenge–um, salvage one, I hope?

    • I probably could have and seriously considered it but I live in a small apartment and really don’t have a place for it. So I am content with the photo.

      • Understand completely. I tend to be a bit of a pack rat, and I have to curb those impulses, too. As you well know, hardly anything beats a good photo for rekindling the memory–and it can be even better than being able to look at the original object again.

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