And Suddenly, Just Like That, I’m Done

The spell cast by New Orleans is broken. I am released.

Funny thing is, I didn’t know I was under a spell. I didn’t know how compelled I was to write about New Orleans. I didn’t know how completely immersed I was in it, ignoring almost everything else around me.

Not until this morning when I woke up and realized, I’m done.

That doesn’t mean there isn’t anything more to say about New Orleans. Heavens! The colors! The sounds! The places! The tastes!

Oh, the tastes! The absolute smorgasbord of taste experiences. Delicious. Wild. Exploding. An orgy for the mouth!

Riverwalk No. 3

Riverwalk No. 3 Crawdad Boil. This is one of the more common dishes you see. It’s definitely one of the more interesting to look at.

I didn’t tell about the downpour raging around me while I ate beignets and drank coffee at Cafe Du Monde.

Cafe Du Monde No. 4

Cafe Du Monde No. 4 Looking out from under the Cafe du Monde canopy.

Cafe Du Monde No. 5

Cafe Du Monde No. 5 I’m sitting under the canopy at Cafe Du Monde. My camera is clicking away. A woman dares ask, “What are you taking pictures of?” “Feet,” I reply.

I didn’t talk about Riverwalk and its touristy flair….

Riverwalk No. 2

Riverwalk No. 2 Food Court; where I had Crawdad Boil

Riverwalk No. 4

Riverwalk No. 4

….and its distant relative on the other side of the riverfront, the French Market.

French Market No. 1

French Market No. 1

And there is so much more I could say about the cemeteries.

But I’m done. I’ve been released. And now I’m going to go quiet for awhile so that I can reclaim my everyday, mundane life. And that’s a good thing.


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  1. I truly enjoyed every word! Thanks for being our personal tour guide!

  2. That looks like some serious rain. BTW, I like the ‘feet’ shot!

    • It was serious rain! I was lucky enough to have found a seat at Cafe Du Monde. The ‘feet’ shot is one of my favorites. I sat there at my table with my camera poised while waiting for the beignets and coffee and watched people as they walked by outside. A lot of female Catholic students in their plaids and white shirts ran in and out. I wanted to get their ‘feet’ with plaid skirts but the photos were all underexposed. I took a lot of other ‘feet’ photos, but this was my favorite. I wonder if the woman who asked me what I was photographing was concerned about my motives for taking photos of Catholic girls.

    • I just saw your comment on my Flickr page about the ‘feet’ photo. Yes. Bladerunner. Though I wasn’t thinking of that! At least all my people made it through the rain alive. 🙂

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