It Wasn’t Wine That Made Me Weep. It Was Pirate Ships.

One evening after having many drinks, we went down to the river where I burst into tears.

Sigh. No one cries when they see ships, Dezra. he said.

I do, if they look like pirate ships rising up like skeletons into the darkness of a New Orleans’ night sky.

Down By the River; Tall Ship 01

Down By the River; Tall Ship 01 Click on this image to get information on how and why I created it.

Years ago I realized I lost my sense of awe, my sense of wonder. Nothing seemed to make me wonder anymore, at least, not in its original, spiritual sense. I wanted, needed to be filled with the immensity of something bigger and more powerful than me. I needed to know I am still capable of wonder.

When I saw these tall ships towering over me, their skeletal masts jutting high into the night sky, I felt overpowered and in that instant I wept. I’m sure the wine had something to do with it, also. But in that moment, I felt the very thing I yearned to feel, something bigger than me and more powerful. It was awesome!

I went back the next day to see if the power of the night still held. It was a different experience, of course, but still impressive.

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The week I was there was NOLA Navy Week. Nine ships, including three tall ships and the USS Wasp, docked along the East Bank of the Mississippi River. New Orleans served as the inaugural city for the U.S. Navy’s bicentennial commemoration of the War of 1812.


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