Crossed the Mississippi on a Ferry Then Returned

I heard that ferries are magical. It’s true. The magic lies in their restorative powers as they protect you and help you cross over watery depths. I love the symbolism of the ferryman, of the water, of the transition from one state to another. I took the Algiers Ferry across the Mississippi River, then returned, just so I could feel the breeze on my face and sense the water under my feet, not because I needed to cross the river to go anywhere in particular. It was magical. I didn’t plan anything by way of photographs. Instead, I enjoyed what I found.

Crossing the Mississippi River

Mississippi River

Down By the River; Ferry No. 1

Melissa Lee

Down By the River; Ferry No. 2

On the Ferry

Thick Ropes

Down By the River; Ferry No. 3 Very thick rope that ties the ferry to the dock.

On the Other Side

Red and Yellow Boat

Down By the River; Ferry No. 4

Man on Boat

Down By the River; Ferry No. 5


Down By the River; Ferry No. 6

View on Return Trip

St. Louis Cathedral

Down By the River; Ferry No. 7 St. Louis Cathedral


Docking Tires

Down By the River; Ferry No. 8

Nails in the Dock

Down By the River; Ferry No. 9

The Ferry Pressed Against the Dock

Down By the River; Ferry No. 10 The ferry pressed against the dock.


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  1. I did not get to see the river on my trip; great feature! Next time you get an urge to go back, let me know!

  2. I love ferries. Used to take the Saten Island ferry once upon a time. My last ferry was from Seattle to Vancouver Island. That was magnificent. This is a great post with really nice photos.

    • Never been to Satan Island before. Sounds like fun times. hehe. (I know, Staten Island, but I’d rather misread it for Satan Island. I already have my horns.) My last ferry was in Seattle, also. Um, nearly 30 years ago. I don’t know where I went but I remember the ferry and all the cars and all the people. This was my second ferry. There were few cars and people, but it was the middle of the day so people weren’t commuting.

      • I am dyslexic. I know that because I pray to a dog.

      • And your dog is such a cute pumpkin. πŸ™‚ Besides, I really think there should be a Satan Island. There probably is and you’re just covering it up. So, pray tell, where is it?? πŸ™‚

      • Did you get the dyslexic joke? Satan Island would have to be off the coast of Africa somewhere, since the atrocities nearby are so…..atrocious.

      • Of course I got the joke. I truly believe that your dog is a pumpkin that you worship. HELLO! If you say otherwise, I will haunt you in some weird yellow house somewhere. I will.

        No, I want Satan Island near Bourbon Street. I don’t do atrocities. But I will do bourbon.

      • LOL. I am enjoying a bourbon right now.
        You could have been referencing my dog because I mentioned a dog, not because you understood my obvious (to me) humor. Smarty pants.

      • And I’m enjoying a cheap $3.00 BOTTLE of merlot—for what it’s worth. And I referenced your god cuz…uh. Humor is not losht on me, no matter how cheap the merlot is. i’fact, it’s more humerus an’ I git it. Um, what were we talkin’ about? Oh, yeah, MERLOT. I love a good merlot.

      • And I love a woman who loves a good Merlot. The cheaper the better (the Merlot.) I’m still drinking my bourbon. My neighbor right across the street is having a poker game tonight. Always a way to pick up some spending money.

      • I’d comment, but I’m bad luck to gamblers. Seriously.

      • its a low stakes game. bad luck won’t matter much. besides, I take your no comment as a comment. Oh my dog I’m gonna lose!

      • *shhhh….don’t tell Pumpkin*

  3. ‘Algiers ferry’ sounds so exotic… My favourite shot is ‘Down By the River; Ferry No. 4’

    • It’s a great ferry ride. The river isn’t wide at that point so it is only about a 10 minute ride one way. But it’s relaxing and invigorating both at once. I don’t know my boats very well so I don’t know what kind of boat ‘Down By the River; Ferry No. 4’ is. I believe it might be a tug boat? I was looking at photos online that are connected to a post I am about to publish in the morning and about 5 or 6 of that kind of boat were guiding a huge ship into the docks. And when I say huge ship, I mean HUGE ship. The USS WASP, to be exact (A U.S. Navy multipurpose amphibious assault ship—launches aircraft and everything!) I was amazed to see these little boats along side a large ship. At least I now have a context for them.

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