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Bourbon Street Sign


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  1. Really enjoying this current wave of New Orleans 🙂

    • Thanks, Martyn! There’s more to come. I have to process the photos and determine how to best feature everything I saw! It is a wonderful, creative, lively city. I need NEED to go back. So many photos I didn’t get….

  2. ¡Muy interesante!

    Fascinating to think that it was Spanish up until the early 19th century.

    • The Santa, Nina, and Pinta Maria. Columbus sailing from Spain. The US really has more a Spanish flair than anything. I am so NOT a history buff (of American history) but I am not surprised by the Spanish influence. And I’m not surprised by the French influence. I just never thought I would ever encounter it. New Orleans is not like the rest of the US. And because of that I love it.

    • P.S. I really really want to “like” this. But I have been unable to “like” someone’s comment on my post in the past. Thanks, Graham.

  3. I wanna go there too, all the more because of you! Um, did you actually sample any bourbon while you were there?

    • Bourbon Street is named after the French royal family that ruled France, not after the whiskey. Actually, bourbon whiskey is also named for those French guys. So the answer is, “no, no bourbon.” But I sampled a ton of other hard liquors and cocktails! Besides, I live only 3 hours from the Bourbon Trail in Kentucky where most of the bourbon is actually made so I don’t have to go far for that. And, unfortunately, I’m not a fan of whiskey in general. But I do love me a good rum! Yo ho ho!

      • Um, did I say that I thought Bourbon St. was named after the whiskey? I don’t think so! I’m also not really a bourbon fan, but I agree with you about a good rum! Aaaaarrrrgghhh!

      • No, you didn’t say that. But because that’s what I believed at first, I made a false assumption. Mea culpa. 🙂

  4. Dezra, don’t want to get to personal, but your last name Despain…..De Spain……of Spain?

    • make that read ‘too personal’.

    • It sounds obvious, but I really don’t know. And that’s coming from someone who has done her genealogy as far back as possible…to Adam. Haha! No, seriously. Coming from a Mormon background, genealogy is LIFE. My dad was the president of the Despain Family for a couple years. We have records as far as we can get them and when we couldn’t make a connection, we made a guestimate and continued our line all the way back to, you guessed it, Adam. Don’t ask. Anyway, we are able to trace our family into England, of course, and then we guess there’s a connection into France but couldn’t find literal records to document it. We suspect it because we reinterpreted Despain to be “de Espagne” and, of course, that would mean “of Spain.” Our French connection (no pun intended, but it is funny) is very strong and we seem to have settled our family history there without ever moving into Spain. I remember seeing Charlemagne as a great great great great etc granddaddy. But I’m sure that is true of everyone. Personally, I think they misinterpreted the last name. It’s just a bastard spelling for the French word des pains, which means “breads”. And that makes perfect sense since France makes the best bread in the world and, of course, I would have the best bread ancestry. I mean, who wants American white bread for their ancestors? Or, rice cakes (from Asia). I’ll take tortilla’s though. So that could mean Spain. See, it all comes back to Spain.

  5. LOL. How funny are you, french bread.

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