And So I Went and There I Saw Balconies

I almost didn’t go. I had my excuses. Every time the subject came up, I rattled those excuses off: conserving money, conserving car mileage and wear, working on projects, etc. Excuses all! So when asked again to visit, I took a deep breath and said, “Ok! I’ll leave tomorrow.”

And that’s when I drove down to New Orleans, to that mythical city (at least, in my mind) on the Mississippi River in the South where people party and southern hospitality reigns, to the legendary and infamous Bourbon Street in the equally famous French Quarter where you can take your booze to-go and where you can listen to street musicians play jazz, to the shops where VooDoo is a commercial commodity and fortune tellers trace your palm or read the Tarot. Hey, Sunshine, come let me read your fortune,” a dark-haired man called to me. I shook my head no. “Then go to one of them fake gypsies instead and be sorry.” I didn’t. I don’t need my fortune told. I don’t want to know.

I fell in love with New Orleans.

In New Orleans, in the French Quarter where I spent most of my time, the balconies demand attention. And so, as an appetizer to what will come in future posts, I present some of my favorite balconies. In the tradition of New Orleans cemetery naming conventions, each photo will be given its category and a number. (Yes, there will definitely be a cemetery post in the future.)

Balcony -- 3 Tiered

Balcony No. 1

Balcony Beads

Balcony No. 2

Balcony Masks

Balcony No. 3

Balcony Lights and Beads

Balcony No. 4

Balcony Plants and Green Shutters

Balcony No. 5

Balcony Plants and Wrought Iron Rail

Balcony No. 6

Balcony Plants and Wrought Iron Rail

Balcony No. 7

Balcony Pickpockets and Loose Women

Balcony No. 8


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  1. Oh, Dezra, wish I could get back that way again. I remember these balconies, and the booze, and the jazz and the street performers, and the pole dancers well! My guy friend did see the fortune teller for advice on his love life! I just observed. I was there before Katrina. Makes we want to drag out the old photo albums and relive my wilder side! LOL

    • It was fabulous. I must confess, I never saw a pole dancer. I avoided Bourbon Street and I think that’s where they mainly are. I’ve had my fortune told many times, so I have no desire to hear it again…it’s different every time and even though I do believe some people have the gift, I don’t believe the fortunes told to me. Weird, I know.

      • My guy friend had to see the pole dancers. Of course, I wasn’t going to stray too far from my bodyguard.

      • My bodyguard…wait, bodyguard? Did I have one? 🙂 The best form of protection is to walk as if racing and look determined. I had no problems whatsoever. (And I did have a friend who showed me around…who walked as if racing and looked quite determined.)

  2. Love Mardi Gras! Great photos!

    • Unfortunately I wasn’t there for Mardi Gras. Would have loved it! I just got back yesterday.

      I did drive through Alabama and thought of you, though. My first time in the South (not counting North Carolina…I don’t know how they get away with calling North Carolina the South).

  3. This is one of the places I have not had the fortune to visit, so far. I’m really looking forward to seeing more of it through you talented eyes!

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