Garfield Park Conservatory — Tulips in the Sunken Garden

It’s tulip season! And what better way to celebrate it than to visit Garfield Park’s Conservatory and Sunken Garden where their first seasonal flowers, the tulips, are blooming! Because I live on the north side of Indianapolis and they are on the south side, I don’t get to just pop in any time. I have to make it a destination.

When I heard that 10,000 tulips were in bloom, and because I pretty much missed most of spring due to the flu, I drove down to the park. The day was warm for spring and a slight breeze made the tulips sway on their stalks. It is three acres of garden and with few people there, I felt I had the garden all to myself.

I believe the tulips are early this season. Usually they peak in mid-April but I suspect they were peaking while I was there, which happened to be March 30th. I am so glad I made it to the gardens before the tulips finished their spring show. I took a few photos while there. Enjoy!

Sunken Garden Wrought Iron Fence

Sunken Garden

Garfield Park Conservatory

Garfield Park Conservatory. It's a greenhouse and inside is a wonderful collection of tropical plants. During the winter, this is the ideal place to visit to get away from winter's dreariness.

Tulips from Conservatory Elevation

Standing on the Conservatory elevation looking out over one side of the sunken garden.

Pink Tulips and Child

Deep Pink tulips for a pretty-in-pink little girl.

Upper Elevation

I'm heading down into the sunken garden.

Red and Purple Tulips

Red and Purple Tulips

Deep Purple Tulips

Deep Purple Tulips---I absolutely love deep-colored flowers.

Rows of Tulips

Rows of Tulips

Tulips and Trellis

Tulips and Trellis

I am always looking for inexpensive but rewarding things to do in Indianapolis and with the Sunken Garden being free, you can’t beat that! The Conservatory has a $3 charge but that is minimal for the experience of a tropical retreat. And if you want to explore the rest of Garfield Park, do so! It is huge and has many different places you can scout out. Also, I have a Flickr photo set of more images I’ve taken at the Conservatory if you want to check it out. (P.S. I am not affiliated with Garfield Park in any way.)


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  1. All are beautiful, especially the close-up of the deep purple.

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