March’s Photo Wrap Up

Today is the first day of April and with it comes April showers. While it’s a beautiful, wet, spring day outside, inside I’m wrapping up my March photos and drinking a warm cup of Chai tea with sweetened Italian cream. (For those new to my blog, I am working on a personal project where I revisit photos that I took on or near the current date but in a different year and then upload them either here or on Flickr or both.)


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  1. Some interesting and fun photos there. Whats the story with the partially submerged car by the lake?

    • I don’t know the real story, but I will make one up. 🙂

      Actually, I lived in an older area at the time and hiding behind tons of trees is this pond. The neighborhood is one of the older neighborhoods established before Indianapolis extended it’s northern reach so you get some redneck kind of people living in the area, whereas north and south of this area is pretty much white collar. I don’t know specifically why the car is there but I’m sure it has something to do with the type of neighborhood.

      I call this my “Deliverance” photo because while walking around the pond, two guys in beater shirts started following me, so I immediately left. (To be honest, they were probably going home, I just happened to be in front of them.)

      • Deliverance is a good name for it. Good story too but you told me you are making it up so I don’t know whats true 😉

      • LOL! The redneck neighborhood with a pond where a partially submerged vehicle waits to slide into the water and the two men leaving the area with me in the lead is true. “Deliverance” was why my heart was beating because I was isolated and alone with two men behind me is true. The beater shirts, not true. I don’t remember the shirts. 🙂

      • You are freaking hysterical!

  2. think my favourites are Day 120 and, of course, the pumpkin!

    • I really like Day 120, also. There are others I like because I was there to experience them and they made an impression on me, such as Day 138. And others made me smile because they were…odd…such as Day 135 and Day 147. And, of course, the pumpkin took on a life of its own!

  3. I agree, photo 120 and the pumpkin, there is something intriguing about 139 too

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