149/365 Remnant of Halloween



Walking by a wood one afternoon in mid March I came across this remnant from Halloween. All orange and smiling at me, I smiled back.

The wood is barren and could be misconstrued for fall, but tufts of green and a thin haze of spring tell differently.


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Life is full of stories waiting to be revealed.

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  1. Ooh, very Blair Witch 🙂

    • At night, when the clouds cover the moon, the orange pumpkin sways on its branch, waiting…waiting…waiting……

      • LOL!!! It’s grin becoming slightly more menacing with each passing minute… waiting….. waiting…. waiting…..

      • A twig snaps. A small form covered in a tattered cloak slithers between shadows. The pumpkin stops swaying…waiting…waiting…waiting…..

      • The clouds lift and the moon illuminates the pumpkin’s grimace with a palid sheen. The small form presents itself to the pumpkin…
        “I am here now, your waiting is over.” The cloak withdraws to reveal two withered claw-like arms reaching up towards the pumpkin. The small form siezes the orange head and places it onto his own body, throwing off the cloak at the same time. The small form rises and glows with an incandescent light so it is no longer small. What once were withered arms appear now strong and veiny and fold in a cross like manner in front of the life-form before being raised towards the moon.
        “Light of the night ignite – bring me strength to carry out my work”….

      • The moon shimmers in response. Dark clouds roll across the sky. A shriek. A surge of electric fire outlines the figure. Then all is dark. All is silent. Rain falls.

        In the flash of a sheet of lightning, the wood is lit. It is empty except for the trees. Thunder rolls and the splash of rain on the road is the only sound left.

      • The darkness gave way to daylight but the rain continued. In a small house on the other side of the woods, a small boy asks his mother,
        “When are we going to collect the pumpkin I left hanging?”
        And the rain continued…

      • “When your father gets home.” She pauses. “He had to work last night.”

  2. That was so much fun! Who knew that a plastic pumpkin was so sinister! Thanks, Martyn!

  3. Wonderful. Like the composition and the contrast between the bright orange and the drab background.

    • I could see this orange…thing…from a long ways off so as I got closer, I had to smile because I realized it was a pumpkin. So out of place for this time of year! Both the surprise of it being a pumpkin and the contrast of colors is what made me pause to photograph it.

  4. Love the dialogue this post has generated! Something like this happened to me in early March when I went searching my woods for signs of spring. Only my first find was a colorful beach ball that the February winds had blown from a neighbor’s yard! Will include in a future walk in the woods post.

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