120/365 Downtown Indy Bus Terminal at Night

2006. March 2. Thursday night. Evening class ended at 8:40p.m. and I was able to speed-walk a half mile to the Capitol building where I would catch the #18 Nora bus at 9:10p.m. The Capitol building is well-lit and the implied eagle-eye of the government behind me makes it as-safe-as-or-more-safe-than waiting for a bus outside a police station. I’ve tried catching the bus on Ohio Street, but I met the strangest, and most frightening people at that stop, and I would only save about 10 minutes of bus-riding horror. Besides, the bus stop at Capitol is the first stop on the route so I have my pick of seats since most everyone else has disembarked.

Indianapolis does not have a great public transportation system. They’re trying. I give them credit for that. They really beefed it up for the Super Bowl, but over all it has yet to be a truly viable option for anyone outside of downtown or who can afford a car. I rode the bus for three years and I have oh-so-many stories—maybe I’ll tell them later. Oh, all right, just one.

A drunk guy sat next to me and said, “You look like the Queen of England.” I thought, Um, have you seen the Queen lately? I sure hope I don’t! (I’m much, much younger.) I knew he really meant, “I want money from you, so I am flattering you with the romantic notion of queenliness.” (I’d rather be a princess.) He got $1.00 from me (not sure how that translates into euro or pounds, but it is less than a bus fare). Then he jumped up and yelled at the bus driver, “STOP, I HAVE TO PEE.”

That being said, this particular night was quite uneventful. I was a little early so no one was there. Indy’s buses all come within a short time-frame, so it’s all or nothing. It’s the last run of the evening for most of the lines, mine included, so I had to make sure I was there to catch the bus.

While I waited, I noticed the benches. I pulled out my little Canon PowerShot S2 IS and tried to capture what I found fascinating about the bus-stop benches. This is the final image that I really liked and that caught the repetitive nature of the benches.

Bus Bench



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  1. A very interesting perspective, Dezra. The seats look cold and really uncomfortable, and the ocher lighting magnifies its desolation. It’s very cool that you could look through all of that and see the pattern of repetition. And bring it home!

    • The seats are extremely uncomfortable. However, they account for rain and snow so it makes sense. Besides, if you time it right, you really aren’t there long enough for the seats to make any difference.

      I much preferred a bus stop with no one there than with others present because the people are really….interesting. So desolation, in this instance, is welcomed.

      Thanks for your perceptions. I appreciate them!

  2. I’ve just seen this picture on Flickr. Nice to come here now and read the back story.

  3. I like this image, Dezra. Your perspective is just wonderful in it. And the story about the Queen. Life is strange sometimes. 🙂

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