114/365 A Walk Along the Monon

114/365 Woods


It has been six years since I took this photo while walking on the Monon Trail. At first I thought it was a remnant of the railway system, a pole with planks nailed to it so workers could fix whatever is at the top of a pole on a railway system. But as I look at it, that appears to be a tree, not a pole. Now I imagine kids hammering planks into the tree so they could climb to the top. But what is at the top? I don’t remember! And because I don’t remember, I can’t fully explain what this means. But it sure looks like fun!

A little bit about the Monon Trail: The Monon Trail used to be the Monon Railroad. The portion of the railroad that extended into Indianapolis was deserted and eventually found its way into the Rails-to-Trails movement. The trail length is approximately 18 miles.


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  1. It doesn’t matter what’s at the top! It’s there, and they found a way to, shall we say, rise to the challenge. I’ve done the same as a boy. Sometimes I still do!

  2. ‘Rails-to-trails’ – I like the sound of that. We have a number of old railways converted into cycle tracks / footpaths here, but not with such a poetic name for the process!

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