106/365 Aladdin’s Companion

106/365 Metal Hinge


I know, this looks familiar. Could it possibly be the companion to Aladdin’s Lamp?

This hinge fascinates me from an imaginative perspective. I imagine rubbing its weathered body, polishing it so that it gleams, and having a genie billow out to offer me three wishes. I imagine the three wishes I might ask. I wish…. I wish for….. Um, well… I wish for a….


That’s where my imagination gets hijacked because I don’t have three wishes. I’ve seen too many genie movies and read too many genie books to want to unleash a selfish/unselfish wish out into the world to be granted by someone/thing outside myself.

Yet, it’s just your imagination, Dezra. There are no genies who grant wishes, you know that. So why not play along and unleash those wishes out of your head? Why become practical with your imagination at this point? I mean, it’s NOT REAL so make your wishes!!! Unleash them!

But I can’t. My wishes are stuck. I’m afraid that if I wish out loud, my wishes might come true, and then I’ll be responsible for them!

I really wish I wasn’t afraid. 🙂


About Dezra Despain

Life is full of stories waiting to be revealed.

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  1. Love your thoughts on this, Dezra and what a great image. I’d love to have three wishes granted, but then I know they’d backfire. 🙂 I’ll go and wish on a star instead. Much friendlier. 🙂

  2. I remember having a thought when I was a boy that, if I were ever granted three wishes, the third one would be to wish for more wishes. It’s probably a very good thing that I never had them, or I’d surely be in really deep trouble by now!

    • Sometimes I wonder why all the stories about genies and wishes turn out so badly. I would think getting your wishes out in the open would be good…. on the other hand, wanting someone else to fulfill them for you is not the best way to go through life. Still. I’d like to read a good wish-come-true story.

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