105/365 Doll Face

105/365 Doll Face


All my life I’ve advocated for brunettes with dark brown eyes because that is me. I love the richness of the color, the sensuality. Growing up, however, the blonde with blue eyes was the preferred choice and at times I felt slighted or overlooked because of my dark hair and eyes. I resented the blonde, so it surprised me one day to walk through Goodwill (a second hand store) where I got caught up short by this blonde-haired, blue-eyed doll. I connected with her there in the aisles. Someone had discarded her and she seemed to be pleading with me to take her home. I stood there fighting myself on this. She’s blonde! I told with myself. But you need her, I argued back. What! Why do I need a blonde-haired doll??? I already had a dark-haired doll at home. One is enough.

But I bought her anyway and took her home. I sat the blonde next to the brunette and marveled at how the blonde out-classed the brunette. And I continued to argue with myself about the blonde. Send her back, I told myself. You sold yourself out by bringing a blonde into the house. I got angry every time I looked at the two dolls side-by-side. Because I preferred the blonde!

But then one day as I looked at them I realized, this is crazy. They’re DOLLS! Blonde or brunette. It really didn’t matter. If the dolls were people, I would like both of them! Once I accepted her for being blonde and stopped being angry at myself for it, I didn’t need her anymore.

So I sent her back to Goodwill where she could work her charm on someone else.


About Dezra Despain

Life is full of stories waiting to be revealed.

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