102/365 Two Girls Eating, One a Redhead

102/365 Two Girls Eating, One a Redhead


She walked into Nothing But Noodles with her friend. Her hair blazed outrageously red. I gawked. I couldn’t help it! I had never seen such hair. My newly-acquired DSLR rested on the table where I was eating some kind of Asian noodle cuisine; I don’t remember what it was right off, perhaps Pad Thai Noodles with chicken or Thai Peanut (with chicken…always with chicken).

She ordered, as did her friend. As they ordered, I picked up my camera, pretending to check its LCD display but fully intending to set it down in position once the girls chose a seat. I wanted desperately to get a photo of the Redhead but I feared to do so openly. Lucky me, they chose a table within easy camera shot. The girls quietly talked together. I guessed they didn’t notice me with my camera. Or maybe they did but they didn’t care. They seemed the sort to not care one way or another. Perhaps they were used to people staring at them, like I was doing only trying not to do.

I pressed the shutter release and heard the click. I quickly glanced at the girls, afraid they heard it and would glare at me, but they kept eating, quiet words slipping in between bites. They didn’t even glance my way or acknowledge that I existed.

I turned my camera off and returned to my Pad Thai Noodles or Thai Peanut, with chicken…always with chicken.

About Dezra Despain

Life is full of stories waiting to be revealed.

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  1. Calories … that’s what they need! Ha! 🙂

  2. Confessions of a candid cameraperson! I can relate to this; I always feel a bit awkward if I want to take a candid shot.

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