January’s Photo Wrap Up

365 Days Journey Through the Past

January was both difficult and easy. Unlike December where, over the years, I went days without taking photos and therefore chose to supplement those lost days with design work, January was almost overcrowded with photos and I had to choose between different years. The problem? Very little of it was good. It’s as if I got a camera for Christmas and like a child I took that camera everywhere I went. Well, that’s true. I got a Canon PowerShot S2 IS for Christmas in 2006 and most of the photos in January were from that camera. And I was a child. I was learning how to shoot in manual and learning what white balance was and I kept that camera so close to me that I swear it would attach itself to me and I would be on my way to becoming a camera Borg. But it doesn’t mean the photos were GOOD. And, yet, that’s what I had available to me. Many days on my blog are lost regarding the 365 Days Journey From the Past. Perhaps I should have uploaded them anyway. But I didn’t. I was embarrassed by them. Now here they all are.


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