66/365 Turn to Winter

Winter Bench at Cemetery


Winter. Snow. White. Cold. Words that symbolize this time of year. A park bench covered in winter snow; red ribbons reminiscent of the season. It seduces the imagination and speaks of what winter should be. I should leave it at that.

But I won’t. Six years later…today…I look out my window at the warm sun. Morning temperature is 40° and will continue to rise. This winter season has been unseasonably warm and even though my body (and my electric bill!) loves it, I miss the beauty of winter. I miss the beauty of snow. I am concerned about how this will affect the upcoming spring and summer. How will the land respond? How will the crops fare? Will our insect population explode? What does this mean? I hope that in the next couple of weeks our winter will shape up and be what it is supposed to be.

But until then, I have this photo to remind me of what winter once looked like.


About Dezra Despain

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  1. The change in climate is so scary. We have drought here, and more dry winters just mean worse news for the land. Great post and lovely photo. And important words too.

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