58/365 What Is It With Hats?

Dezra Wearing A Favorite Hat

58/365--and no, this hat is not a fedora. I lost the fedora.

I received a fedora as a birthday gift back in 2008. I wasn’t quite sure what to do with it as I hadn’t worn a hat in decades. My friend said, “It screamed your name.” I thought, “It probably screamed, ‘DON’T GIVE ME TO DEZRA.'” But I graciously (I hope) accepted the fedora and wore it on that hot August day for the rest of the day. As the months passed and I kept looking at it, I asked myself, “Why did my friend think this hat was ME?” I was totally flummoxed. I felt totally awkward even having it in the house.

Then I changed the question and asked, “Well, if she thought it screamed my name, then what about ME says I wear hats?” So I challenged myself to wear it to see if others thought the same. Apparently they did.

What I think happened is that in American culture, hats weigh in as counter-culture (we are not a hat-wearing nation) and counter-culture is equated with creatives. Because of my love for art/photography/design, I am considered a creative. So hats fit me. (I also look good in them!)

Unfortunately for the fedora, I left it at a restaurant and failed to realize it so I lost it. But fortunately for me, I have picked up a variety of other hats. I even name them. (Actually, they tell me their names.) This one’s name is Bianca. Tomorrow I’m considering posting Gertrude.


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