56/365 Mystery in the Mist

Winter Train Tracks


I stare into the mist. I strain to hear the rumble of the train and to feel the tremble of the earth.

The lay of the tracks teases my imagination. One end takes me into the past, the other end takes me into the future. Will the train rumble from out of the frozen past, its wheels screeching steel-on-steel as it races by and disappears into the misty future? Or will the train appear out of the misty future, its whistle announcing its arrival as it rushes forward and into a frozen past? I don’t have an answer.

Today, as I contemplate this photo, I believe the train will emerge out of the future and speed towards me, bringing something. But tomorrow, when I contemplate this photo, I might believe the train comes from behind and races away from me, taking something away. I like to think that the train brings hope and takes away fear.


About Dezra Despain

Life is full of stories waiting to be revealed.

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  1. Interesting how you interpreted the picture, great post by the way.

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