37/365 Cherish, Live, Dream

Baby in Picture Frame


Christmas is the time when Western traditions celebrate the Magical Child. I love this time of year, of the hope and love and promise. So when wandering through Goodwill I found this discarded photo of a child born in 1992 with all the hopes and aspirations of family written on the white mat surrounding the child. I stopped, picked it up, and gazed at it in wonder. Who throws away something like this? Who no longer cares about that baby? Who throws away such hope? It’s as if the adult of the future gave up on the hopes of the past. Or perhaps a parent gave up on the child. Or the child died and the parents didn’t want to be reminded of loss. I don’t know! I’m at a loss! And yet….and yet, there’s still hope, for the photo was not sent to the dump, but to Goodwill, to be recycled…perhaps with the hope that someone else would save the child.

I didn’t save the child; I didn’t buy it. But I brought the hope forward. There are moments in life when hope dies, when what we expect does not come through. I know this. I’m living it. But I also know that today is only a moment and there is still tomorrow and the frustrations of today can be dispelled. At least…I hope they can.


About Dezra Despain

Life is full of stories waiting to be revealed.

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