27/365 Irvington Living Room

Living Room


I lived in a house in Irvington (an historic district in Indianapolis, Indiana) that was falling apart (the house, not Irvington). I called it the House of Escher, mainly because it was falling in on itself so much so that it didn’t matter in which room you stood, they all fell to the center. Because of that, and also, because of the horrendous hole from the upstairs bathroom into the downstairs living area, I paid $100 a month in rent. The landlord said as soon as he fixed the hole, I would then pay market price. After three years, I finally dumped the dump because there was never any fixing up at all. It is an adorable house but in a couple more years I expect it will be condemned.

That being said, I initially took this photo with the intention of showing friends where the bathtub would tumble….right over there by the table. But, for the purpose of this blog, it is a great shot of my living space. I finally moved out, not because of the hole in the floor, but because upstairs I saw the sky from my hallway. You aren’t supposed to see the sky from your hallway.

FYI, my health appears to be good.


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