365/342 Sri Sri Radha Krishna Temple

Krishna Temple in Spanish Fork, Utah


You wouldn’t expect to find a Krishna temple in the midst of Mormon country, now, would you? But here it is and it is beautiful and peaceful. I have long since left my Mormon heritage and journeyed a bit through some of the Eastern religions/philosophies, and although I do not ascribe to any religion and have fashioned my own spiritual philosophies (play well with others, do not run with scissors), I love finding beautiful places of worship.

I first discovered Sri Sri Radha Krishna Temple (link takes you to their photo gallery where you will find stunning photographs of this temple) when I visited my parents in 2004 for their 50th Wedding Anniversary. I entered the temple and was greeted by a very quiet, but helpful person who gave me a short tour. Upstairs they have a meeting room where I sat and meditated for a while. It is a beautiful place. The next time I visited my parents in 2009, I had to go again and that’s when I took this photo.

When I think of my upbringing in Mormonism, I think of being taught that Mormonism is the ONLY true religion and everyone else is deceived. I was discouraged to even look at any other religion, so to find the Krishna Temple in rural, Mormon-dominated territory with MY DAD speaking highly of it tells me that the religion I left has changed to some degree. And that makes me happy.


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  1. This place is amazing, wonderful!

  2. This is great and I love the bit about religion. Religion for me is like owning a store card, you can only really spend in that store and the points you accumulate by spending are only of benefit in that store, but it’s the one across the road that has the sale… * awaits backlash * There’s a really nice Hindu temple near where I used to live in UK, I can’t remember name but one wet & grey Sunday, we went there – https://plus.google.com/u/0/photos/115752382774159362959/albums/5324117125540276225 not fantastic photos as the day was fairly grim :-S

    • So beautiful. I love the hedgerows. I could get lost in walking through them (lost in thought).

      I tell people I’m atheist, but they don’t believe me because I will attend church (though I don’t anymore—I loved singing in the choir and I enjoyed the people I sang with, but the choir changed drastically so I stopped going). They think that all atheists are godless beings so why would one go to church? But that’s not true. Some of the most spiritual people I know don’t believe in God. I will visit churches on occasion to experience them. I love places of worship, whether that be a Cathedral or a spot of ground held holy, it doesn’t matter. The energy is comforting. I respect people’s belief in their God/s as long as they “play nice with others.” It’s the person who is important to me, not their religion.

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