Photography: Oliver Winery, Indiana

I took a much-needed break yesterday and headed south. I didn’t know where I was going, I just wanted to go. I ended up at Oliver Winery, which is a very pleasant place to end up. Oliver Winery is a favorite destination for me when I’m roaming because of their bucolic setting and wonderful tasting room. And they are far enough away from me for it to be an adventure but close enough for me to get home easily. The sun was high and clouds floated by. It was a cool—cooler than it had been for weeks—and very bright day.

Oliver WineryOliver Winery CourtyardTwo Water LiliesGrape Vines

Are there times when you just have to get away but don’t know where you want to go but you go anyway? These times are magical times. Follow the urge. You’ll find the destination to be just what you need.

(I am not affiliated with Oliver Winery. I just like them. A lot.)


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  1. This looks so quiet..peaceful. What a lovely place to disappear into!!!

  2. Now, I must really go see this place. Thanks for the link back to this earlier post. These are great shots!

  3. Thank you for the link to this lovely post. I’ve made a list of your recommendations and look forward to exploring Southern Indiana next time we’re in Bloomington, most likely this August.


    • I should also mention there are a lot of antique stores around the Bloomington area. I don’t know what you like, but it seems a lot of people enjoy antiquing. It’s not my thing, but just a note in case it’s something you’d enjoy.

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