Things That Make Me Happy: Crockery!

Cupboard full of crockery

What's in my cupboard

I love crockery. I love the clacking sound it makes as I pull it out of the cupboard and the shattering sound it makes if I drop it. I love the hefty feel, the comfort of something solid in my hands. And I love the patterns. I’m crazy when I go into second-hand stores. I pick up stray crockery like children pick up stray kittens. I have to rescue them!

But I’ve been good since I moved into a one-bedroom apartment. I got rid of most of my crockery (ouch!) and kept what was meaningful to me. So here are my sets:

Colorful set of crockery

My everyday ware! Love the colors and the shape

Black and White Dinnerware Set

Picked up during my black and white phase

Green and white set

I wanted to add color to my dinnerware so I started with green.

green and white bowl

I loved the green inside and the white outside. Very elegant.

The salad plates I’ve paired with this set aren’t really part of the set…and they aren’t complete. I don’t have FOUR! I only have THREE! But I had to buy them anyway because they’re so colorful.

Single plate

Pattern is called Roxy. It's by Tabletop Gallery. If you know where I can get just one more.....

Fall and Thanksgiving crockery set

I have had this set for years. I picked it up during my fruit motif phase. I use it primarily in fall.

I figure I have 28 dinner plates, 19 salad plates, and 24 bowls. And that’s not counting my Christmas dinnerware.

I would like to say I don’t know why I love crockery but that’s not true. I grew up with a very pragmatic mother who didn’t spend money on needless items. And she had no aesthetic bone in her body so she bought the most boring white and brown Melmac set she could find and we used it until I moved out. I hated it. It spoke of poverty. It spoke of pragmatism. It spoke of ugly. I didn’t want that in my household.

So I buy crockery to feel secure. I buy it and it makes me happy.


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  1. Ebay for the Roxy plates?

    I don’t know if that’s exact or not. The design looks maybe slightly different? But what you’re looking for could very well be on ebay.

  2. That’s the plate. It’s a dinner plate, though. I’m looking for a salad plate. However, I’m sure if I scour ebay I’ll be able to find it. Thanks for the heads up!

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