re:build conference – sneak peak at venue

Tomorrow is the big day for RefreshIndy as they host their first re:build Web conference. Justin Harter and Tony Dewan have done a great job at conceiving, co-ordinating and hosting this conference. I went to visit them today at the venue and was astounded. It is an art center with all the artsy, artistic sensibilities an art center implies — which means this will NOT be your ordinary, sterile Web conference! I snapped a few pics as they were setting up. Take a look at this place!

The main conference room


Another angle on the conference room

Look at those windows! Love 'em!

Another party room

Lounge area--where a ridiculous amount of snacks and drinks wait

After party room

The after party will be held in this super-cool basement room

I am looking forward to tomorrow when this space is filled…because it will be filled (few tickets still available). And if you see me (I’m the one with the camera), say hello.


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