Things That Make Me Happy: Bargains at Second-Hand Stores

“Hey, Dezra,” I said to myself (Yes, I talk to myself). “Now that you have a second computer and it looks pretty and it’s newer than your Mac Mini, you need a second computer desk to match.”

“I know, I know,” I replied (Yes, I answer myself). “But I have to be judicious with my finances right now. I can’t afford to buy one.”

“Well, you have to do something. It’s sitting on your couch like a couch potato, taking up room and doing nothing—like a couch potato!”

Sigh. Ok, I thought. So what to do? I decided to put it out to the Universe. In my meditation this morning I stated my need/want and said, “So what do I do?” Then I listened. I have learned over the years what to listen for and it went something like this…only not in words but in…um…a complete sense, a gestalt, an intuition. But I will put words to it since that’s the best way to explain it.

“Hit-second-hand-stores-like-Goodwill-and-spend-$30-or-less.” Only faster (hitsecondhandstoreslikeGoodwillandspend$30orless… and, yes it capitalizes proper names because it’s cool like that).

Haha! Yeah right. So I thought back to it, only slower, “No, let’s say between $30-$50. I can’t imagine I’ll find anything I like for $30 or under.”

“Don’t-question.” (don’tquestion)

Ok, ok!

I hit four Goodwill stores. In the first one I saw a little desk that would do in a pinch and seriously considered it—it was only $12.99, way under the $30. I could paint it to update it. It had wheels so I could roll it to accommodate my area. But I walked out without it. (thisisnottheone)

Stores number two and three were a bust. Then came store number four. (Sorry, but if you’re looking for a suspense build up at this point in the story, you’re not getting one. This is the last Goodwill of the day and I’m writing a blog about bargains so if you haven’t already guessed that I found what I was looking for at store number four, then you need to take a class on logic—or something.) I found my desk! Yep. The desk is perfect. It has dark wood, a pull-out keyboard and a pull-out printer shelf. It is on wheels. It is almost perfect—few scratches. It is small for my small area. It is serviceable. It is elegant.

Computer desk with computer equipment on it


And here’s the kicker. It was $29.99! Yes! UNDER $30! Woohoo! But wait! There’s more! Take a look at the receipt.

Goodwill Receipt

Note how much I saved!

It was yellow-sticker day. In Goodwill language, that means all items with a yellow tag/sticker are half off. I really did get it for $30 or UNDER! Way under! Way to go Universe. It pays to listen.

So now I have a computer area. I have two computer desks; one for the Mac and one for the PC.

I am grateful to people who donate their items to second-hand stores. I love finding bargains! (you’rewelcome) (Aw man, I was going to say, “Thank you.” So THANK YOU.)


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