Things That Make Me Happy: Generous People

A lot of generous people live in this world and I am grateful for them.

I mentioned to a friend one day in passing that my computer was nearly 10 years old. Now that I will be working from home for a bit it’s frustrating because there are many things I can’t do due to the antiquated processing system. Days later I get a call. “Would you like my PC? It’s three years old but the hard drive is brand new.” He was getting a whole new system.

So I went to pick it up and this is the complete package he gave me:

Computer equipement given as a gift.

I was floored!

Later that evening I set up the above shot for this blog. I pulled out my camera. Its familiar heft was comforting to me and halfway through the photo shoot a stunning revelation hit me. My camera and lens were given to me anonymously after I had my camera gear stolen!

Photography equipment given as a gift

Photo taken the day I got the camera and lens.

These are major gifts! Given by generous people!

I sat there and stared at the camera and at the computer equipment and was overwhelmed. The day I lost my camera equipment was a big blow to me and my photography career. But it returned to me through a generous donor (I still don’t know who this person is—and I don’t know if this person knew that the camera that was stolen was a Canon 30D, so to gift me with a Canon 30D was wonderful!). And now that I will be on my own for a while because my job is ending, I needed a newer computer…and there it is. I do ask myself, “Why me?” But then I have to put that question out of my head and just accept what is, because whatever it is, is beautiful. And I am deeply grateful.

My goal is to pay it forward. Not just once, but many times over.

I have to.

I want to.

So to all you generous people out there:

Thank You


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