The 10 Second Blog Challenge

Bloggers! Quick! Set a stopwatch for 10 seconds. Go to your blog. Hit start. Scan your blog. When 10 seconds are up, exit your blog then ask yourself, does my blog inform readers of who I am and what I’m about? Better yet, find someone who has never seen your blog and have them do this then have them tell you what your blog says about you. Is it saying what you want it to say?

MINE ISN’T! Take a look.

Dezra's Blog

Screenshot of Today's Post

What does this say about me? Designer? Photographer? No! It says, “This is someone’s very personal blog about the meanings in her life.” It says, “Artist.” It also says, “Wow, that eye…what’s with that?”

This whole branding thing is intensive, especially when you are all over the place (like I am) and have to…oh no!…focus! And you are doing it on your own. Phew! It’s a big job!

Heidi Cohen writes interesting articles about blogging. This morning I happened upon her article, Does Your Blog Pass the 10 Second Test and realized that, no, indeed mine doesn’t. My blog is very personal with a mixture of some professional in it. Even though I rather like it, I could not recommend it to professional designers or photographers or to clients because that isn’t who it targets. And yet, I want to target them.

I am trying to find the right mix between being personal and being professional. I have had this discussion on Facebook and everyone who responded to this discussion seems to think personal is better. However, that’s Facebook, a personal social platform. This is the blogosphere where both personal and professional exist…and I want to target professional…but in a personable (not personal, mind you, personable) manner.

Point #8 of Heidi’s article asks: Does your blog try to be all things to all people? And although I don’t try to be all things to all people, I mix my blog audience, and like mixing metaphors, it doesn’t work. Her solution, and one I’ve seen with other bloggers, is to have separate blogs; one professional and one personal. I’ve even seen them linked!

But until I have time to create a professional blog, this one will have to do, and I will have to be more aware of content so that it at least looks like a designer/photographer’s blog even if the blog title and tag don’t address it.

Did you do the 10-second test? If not, and if you’re serious about blogging, the time invested is worth every second- -and more.


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Life is full of stories waiting to be revealed.

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